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Living With A Functioning Alcoholic, A Woman's Survival Guide

Living With A Functioning Alcoholic

Along with Dr. Neill Neill’s on-going healing facilitation work with countless individuals and couples, his work has encompassed program design, implementation, management and evaluation in the contexts of education, business, human resources, organization development and marketing. This broad experience has allowed him to develop a balanced combination of therapeutic, counseling and leadership skills.

He maintains a practical orientation to helping people survive their crises quickly and improve the quality of their lives.

Influenced by such thinkers as Abraham Maslow, Carl Jung, Carl Rodgers and Buckminster Fuller, Dr. Neill adopted a person-centered philosophy early in his professional life. The individual is the ultimate authority on his or her own experience. Most of the healing facilitation work he has done in the past 35 or so years has been grounded in this philosophy.

From 1967 he pursued a career within the university system: teaching, counselling, therapy, faculty development, instructional development, research and service within the university system and the larger community.

In 1980 he moved to the private sector to broaden his experience in areas not as readily available to him as an academic psychologist: career development, organizational change, conflict resolution, crisis management, general management, marketing and sales.

Healing facilitation became an increasingly important component of his consulting work, evolving into full-time private practice in psychology, then into public mental health work and on being the full-time psychologist in a First Nations community.

Dr. Neill is now in full-time private practice in psychological counselling and life coaching in
Qualicum Beach, BC, serving mid Vancouver Island and beyond. He also serves as Consulting

Psychologist for Sunshine Coast Health Centre, a private alcoholism and drug addiction rehab center for men.

He writes regular articles on psychological topics as a columnist for two newspapers and a magazine. He publishes articles in his monthly e-letter, Practical Psychology for Capable People, with subscribers on every continent.

Dr. Neill Neill says,

“My larger goal is to do what I can to replace all forms of emotional, spiritual and physical distress and confusion with hope, happiness and clarity.”


On-going participation in numerous courses, workshops and seminars, including meaning- centered therapy, internet publishing, couples therapy, Pranic Healing, Seemorg Matrix Work, Tapas Acupressure Technique, EFT, BSFF, HBLU, Residential School Trauma, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Cross-Cultural Counselling, Critical Incident Stress Management (various), EMDR, Dual Diagnosis, and Traumatic Incident Reduction.

Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Psychology, 2006

Certificate of Professional Qualification in Psychology, 2002

Certified Seemorg Matrix Worker, 2001

Certified Trauma Specialist, 1994

Registrant with the Canadian Register of Health Service Providers in Psychology, #4839, 1993- Registered Psychologist, Ontario, # 1336, 1979-94, and British Columbia #1112, 1993-
Studied business administration in the M.B.A. Program, University of Ottawa. 1980-81

Ph. D. (Psychology) University of Western Ontario, 1968

M. A. (Psychology) University of Western Ontario, 1965

Secondary School Teacher’s Certificate, University of Toronto, 1962

B. A. University of Western Ontario, 1961


2006 – Psychologist, Sunshine Coast Health Centre

2005 – Columnist, Synergy Magazine

2004 – 2008 Director, Society of Organized Services, Oceanside, BC

2003 – Columnist, Today’s Woman, Nanaimo News Bulletin

2002 – 2003 Director, Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology

2000 – Psychologist, Private Practice, Qualicum Beach

2000 – Columnist, The Parksville-Qualicum News

1998 – 1999 Teacher, North Island College

1994 – 1999 Psychologist, ‘Namgis Health Centre, Alert Bay

1993 – 1994 Psychologist, Mental Health Centre, Prince Rupert

1992 – 1993 Psychologist, Private Practice, Toronto

1987 – 1992 President, Consultant, Neilleen Consulting Inc., Toronto

1985 – 1987 Vice-President, Consultant, Neill & Company Ltd., Toronto

1982 – 1985 Director, ACS Associates Consulting Ltd., Ottawa

1981 – 1982 Manager, HQ Business Development, Bell Canada, Ottawa

1979 – 1979 Visiting Psychologist, Guelph Correctional Centre

1969 – 1981 Associate Professor, Coordinator of Teaching and Learning, University of Guelph

1967 – 1969 Assistant Professor, University of Windsor

1967 – 1970 Senior Research Consultant, Ontario Mental Health Foundation

1965 – 1967 Research Fellow, Addiction Research Foundation

1962 – 1963 High School Teacher, London Board of Education


Consulting Psychologist for the Sunshine Coast Health Centre in Powell River, BC. Dr. Neill is part of the treatment team at this excellent private rehab center for men who are healing from alcohol/drug addiction and the concurrent lifestyle damage.

Psychologist in Full-time Private Practice, Qualicum Beach, serving mid Vancouver Island, with clients coming from all parts of Vancouver Island and the northern Gulf Islands.

He has had a long-term involvement in treating psychological trauma, and now incorporates energy psychology procedures both in psychotherapy and life coaching. His work tends to be short-term and solution-focused, often using modified cognitive behaviour therapy.

Teacher of psychology in the Human Service Workers Program at North Island College.

Debriefer and executive member of the North Island Critical Incident Stress team.

Full-time Psychologist for the ‘Namgis First Nation, with the ‘Namgis Health Centre and
‘Namgis Treatment Centre. Dr. Neill provided coaching and support for front-line counselors and other health workers. He worked with community members whose lives were impaired by emotional stress, mental illness and addictions. A good deal of the work was short-term crisis work. A significant part of his work, however, was with victims of historical sexual abuse or historical residential school abuse.

Psychologist with the Prince Rupert Mental Health Centre, doing short-term assessment and treatment with adults. About 50% of his clients were aboriginal.

Psychologist in Private Practice in Toronto, with a principal focus on trauma counselling. He worked with people who were suffering the after-effects of such traumas as job loss, violent accidents, sudden disability, family violence, bereavement, child sexual abuse and rape, to help them regain their lives as quickly as possible.


Dr. Neill co-founded the firm of Neill & Company Ltd. and founded the firm of Neilleen Consulting Inc. He worked with industry leaders in the acquisition of major investment properties, participating in all aspects of negotiation, mediation, problem solving and finance. In an environment where knowledge and business judgment are the commodities of trade, he was frequently consulted by industry players for guidance on both economics and personal well- being.

He was responsible for recruitment of consultants for The ACS Group of Companies, and in this context spent considerable effort on career and life guidance. As a senior consultant with ACS, he secured and fulfilled consulting contracts with clients such as Immigration Canada, the

Auditor General and Industry, Trade and Commerce, and worked in a wide range of projects dealing with business development, organization development, productivity and staff development.

At Bell Canada, Headquarters, Business Development, Dr. Neill assembled and led a team of project managers responsible for a multi-million dollar portfolio of marketing research projects concerned with understanding the potential impacts of new telecommunications products and services. He conducted for the CRTC a major research project on the patterns of long distance telephone usage in First Nations communities in northern Canada.


While on the psychology faculties of University of Windsor and University of Guelph, Dr. Neill was a behind-the-scenes counsellor, therapist and mentor to numerous faculty, staff, students and community people, as they sought to get on with their careers and their lives.

He consulted extensively on personnel selection programs, performance appraisal, interviewing techniques, career development, life planning, course design, and on the methodology of measuring vocational interests, personality and attitudes.

Dr. Neill designed and taught courses and conducted research in human assessment, differential psychology, educational psychology, personality, quantitative methods and the construction and use of psychological tests and surveys.

He served briefly as Visiting Psychologist at the Guelph Correctional Centre, doing counselling, therapy and assessment with inmates, as part of a multi-disciplinary professional team.

Dr. Neill played a key consultative role in the development of several major psychological tests, including the Personality Research Form, the Jackson Vocational Interest Survey and the Jackson Personality Inventory, widely used tools in psychological research, student counselling and clinical assessment.

He was part of a work group that planned and secured the initial funding for a Women’s Shelter
and a Workshop for Handicapped Adults.

Dr. Neill served on the University of Guelph Senate and Faculty Association executive and actively participated in the University’s international programs. He chaired the Guelph CUSO Committee, trained interviewers and played a pivotal role in the selection of candidates for overseas placement.

As Coordinator, University of Guelph Senate Committee on Teaching and Learning, he developed and led an educational development service that received Canadian and international recognition. He served on the Ontario Universities Committee on Teaching and Learning, responsible for developing and implementing strategies to influence universities to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

Dr. Neill coordinated the planning, financing, staffing, participant selection and staging of a residential training workshop on teaching for agriculture teachers and extension workers from less developed countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The project was funded by CIDA, UNESCO and the University of Guelph.


He held teaching and tutoring positions at Althouse College of Education, intern and psychometrist positions in two psychiatric hospitals, and various research positions at the University of Western Ontario. He was a secondary school with the London Board of Education.


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